Jobs First – Small Business Event

As part of the preparation for the roll out of Jobs First we are proposing a focussed consultation with business advisors from the Business Enterprise Centres in Port Lincoln.

This consultation will be on how Small Business can access support for assistance in employing and training new staff under Jobs First.

The purpose of the consultation is to inform the business advisors on how Jobs First is intended to operate and then to explore with them ways to support and encourage small business to access this program.

The consultation session is still in the planning stage but has been tentatively booked as a breakfast meeting on Friday 26th June in Port Lincoln. Further details will follow as they are finalised.

Business Advisors will be attending the consultation and these people will be identified in due course.

We would like to open an invitation to you as a person with a particular focus on Small Business who would like to attend the consultation. As mentioned further information will be provided in due course about this event.
In regard to Work for the Dole
Key contact is:
Emma Schreiner
Regional Account Manager
0439 859 660

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